Apple users could drop out of iOS 15’s most arguable feature

The California-based Cupertino tech giant Apple is going to demand users for permission before serving them with customised advertisements in Apple iOS 15 in a welcome change of tack from the previous beta instalments.

According to a report issued by 9to5Mac, although the customised advertisements feature was enabled in primary versions, The company is currently asking for approvals.

On the other hand, that might have always been the strategy (iOS beta’s don’t always show how the ultimate features will look). However, it is pleasing to hear that Apple is carrying out what it proclaims in offering users the choice.

Furthermore, the most recent system is going to preview the stock applications, including the App Store, Stores and Apple News, displaying users products they might have interest in instead of normal random ads. Moreover, they are going to be based upon former purchases and different factors, including the news stories users like to read.

Moreover, It’s a disputable feature for the company to incorporate given its former views on its user data unambiguously not part of its plan. The Cupertino giant has repeatedly praised its own virtues, stating the company is not concerned with user data.


According to a statement of Cook given in a 2019 interview with ABC in the United States,

“Privacy in itself has become a crisis. It’s of that proportion—a crisis.”

He further stated,

“You are not our product. Our products are iPhones and iPads. We treasure your data. We wanna help you keep it private and keep it safe.”

Apart from this, Tim Cook has lashed out at tech giants, including Facebook, due to the utilization of purposed advertisements, which according to him, has resulted in the spreading of misleading information.

In January, according to a statement of Tim Cook,

“If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, it does not deserve our praise. It deserves reform.”

However, currently the California giant Apple is also becoming a part of the list and joining the ranks of Facebook, Google and further Silicon Valley companies who’ve executed their users’ data as moneymaking resources. But opposite to other companies,  Apple is offering users the choice to pull down those customised advertisements.

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